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This Tear Drop Is To Represent
The Tears Shed
And Loss Of Innocence
At The Hand Of Child Abuse. 


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"The Little Girl"
© John Michael Montgomery
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Death Of An Angel

© Kenneth J. Ellison 07-21-05

On A frosty December Morn
A beautiful baby child was born,
Unwanted by mother and father
To them just a tiresome bother.

They cared not for this little child,
This baby girl so sweet and mild,
A veiled pretense of love was made
But ever so quickly that would fade.

As she grew her needs they spurned
And tortured her with cigarette burns,
They beat her till bones were broken
And meals were but a meager token.

They locked her in a closet each day
And not a word was she allowed to say,
At night they chained her to a tiny bed,
Never a kind or loving word was said.

She wondered why no one loved her,
Why was she hated by father and mother?
She must have done something very bad
To make them hate the only child they had.

She survived until the age of four
Then died on the dirty closet floor,
Her starved and battered body lay still,
This poor little child had lost her will.

They dug a hole in the cold hard ground
Where blackberry bramble surrounds,
There they threw her lifeless body down
Wrapped in a soiled and tattered gown.

That day a little angel had died
And the angels in heaven cried,
Her soul was soared to heaven on high,
Never again will she have to wonder why?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-21-05


The Little Girl 


Her parents never took the young girl to Church
Never spoke of His name
Never read her His word
Two non-believers walkin' lost in this world
Took their baby with them
What a sad little girl

Her Daddy drank all day and Mommy did drugs
Never wanted to play
Or give kisses and hugs
She'd watch the TV and sit there on the couch
While her Mom fell asleep
And her Daddy went out

And the drinking and the fighting
Just got worse every night
Behind their couch she'd be hiding
Oh, what a sad little life

And like it always does
The bad just got worse
With every slap and every curse
Until her Daddy in a drunk rage one night
Used a gun on her Mom
And then took his life

And some people from the city
Took the girl far away
To a new Mom and a new Dad
Kisses and hugs everyday

Her first day of Sunday school the teacher walked in
And a small little girl stared at a picture of Him
She said, "I know that Man up there on that cross
I don't know His name but I know He got off

Cause he was there in my old house
And held me close to His side
As I hid there behind our couch
The night that my parents died"

© John Michael Montgomery


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