Inspirational Verses and Stories


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New Life .... Easter Story   The Doll and The White Rose
 Footprints in the Sand The Cross
The Lord is My Shepherd The Gift 
Time What is Faith? / Doubt Versus Faith 
  An Irish Blessing  Angels In The Alley
The Willing Heart The Hammer and Nail
The Story Behind Amazing Grace Parable Of The Rose
Crabby Old Woman Tomorrow Is Not Promised
The Miracle Of The Tablecloth Counting Life's Blessings
Mr Eternity  Power Of Friendship

Arthur Stace .. by Douglas Stewartę  Soul Of A Child
Our Faith The Lighthouse
If Jesus Came Thank You For Your Time
God Lives Under The Bed God's Hands
Where Is God's Perfection? The Story of Tommy
The Littlest Fireman Batter Up Dad
The "U" In JesUs The Red Marbles
The Sunday Sermon A Tennessee Tale
Law Of Life Are You A Friend  ... NEW
The Dark Candle ... NEW The Folded Napkin ... NEW


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