Poetry Corner 2

Mother .. by Marian Jones©    An Awesome Holy King .. by Carol Dee Meeks©   
My Star .. by Karyn Mills©     Dream Lover .. by Marian Jones© 
Littlest Angels .. by Kenneth J Ellison©   They Didn't Know Love .. by Joyce C Locke©  
Together For Eternity .. by L M Wilson©   God's Work .. by Marian Jones©  
Rapture .. by Kenneth J Ellison©   Country Church .. by Jene' Lind©   
Christ's Caring Love .. by L M Willson©   
Home by Joan Clifton Costner & Joyce C Lock©
Tears That Flow From The Heart Of God
                    by .. April VanKampen© 
A Father's Heart .. by Mary Carter Mizrany©   
                     Happy Father's Day
The Rose .. by Joyce C Locke©    Color Me Blessed .. by Mary Carter Mizrany ©
Life's Railway .. by Kenneth J Ellison©   Visions Of Friendship .. by Sharon/AngelHeart© 
The Bridge .. by Fran G. ©   A Touch Of Love .. By Kenneth J Ellison©  
Please Don't Put Me Down by Mary Carter Mizrany© The Lord Is My Shepherd .. by Fran G.©



I Drink From The Cup .. by Sharon/AngelHeart©  Angel Whispers .. by Marian Jones©
Lean On Me .. by Kenneth J Ellison©   A Mother's Love .. by Heather©
God Cares For Me .. Author Unknown With Thee Still .. by Mary Carter Mizrany©  
Our Future .. by Carol Dee Meeks©   If You Knew? .. by Mary Carter Mizrany©
Architect, Judge, Redeemer .. by Carol Dee Meeks©  The Family Bible .. by Kenneth J Ellison©
You Are Loved .. by Joyce C Lock© To Be The Best .. by Marian Jones©
The Gospel Box .. by Kenneth J Ellison© And God Promised Noah .. by Carol Dee Meeks©
My Dream .. by Marian Jones© God's Clay .. by Carol Dee Meeks©
Seeds Of Friendship .. By Fran G.© Steadfast .. by Heather©
I Arrived and Mama Is Here .. by L.M. Willson© Economy of Blessings .. by Carol Dee Meeks©
My Greatest Friend .. by Nikki Mitchell© We Can Be .. by Nikki Mitchell© 



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