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 Meet some of our Poets  

     Ken Ellison      L M Willson
     Marian Jones      Pam Gallo
     Alice E Steimle      Jene' Lind
       Carol Dee Meeks  


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Christ Child ..  by  L M Willsonİ I Am .. by Kenneth J. Ellisonİ
Inspiration .. by Marian Jonesİ I Sit In Adoration .. by L M Willsonİ
My Father My King .. by Kenneth J. Ellisonİ Today ..  by Marian Jonesİ
God's Promise .. by L M Willsonİ  Going Home At Last ..  by Kenneth J. Ellisonİ
Change My Heart .. by Pam Galloİ God's Gifts ..  by Marian Jonesİ
Talking To God .. by Pam Galloİ As Evening Falls .. by Alice E. Steimleİ  
The Sunflower .. by Marian Jonesİ Salvation Ship ..  by Kenneth J. Ellisonİ
A Mother's Love .. by Marian Jonesİ Lingering At The Gate .. by Kenneth J Ellisonİ
Living For Jesus .. by Beulah Marie Starrİ   A Proud Father .. by Joyce C Lockİ 
Turn To Jesus .. by Kenneth J Wilsonİ Angel .. by Marian Jonesİ 
Counting The Ways .. by Joyce C Lockİ Rainbow Wishes .. by Brittanieİ


Cool Forest Glade .. by Kenneth J Ellisonİ My Grandmother's Magic Apron
                   by Mary Carter Mizranyİ
And God Gives Us Comfort
                  by  Carol Dee Meeksİ
Color Of Fall .. by Jene' Lindİ
Busy Ado, Keeps Us Away From You 
                  by  Carol Dee Meeksİ
 Path To Paradise .. by Kenneth J Ellisonİ
Memory Garden .. by Marion Jonesİ The Canvas .. by Violet Aptedİ 
A Prayer For Help .. by L M Willsonİ Try Prayer .. by Kenneth J Ellisonİ
Come Walk With Me .. by Violet Aptedİ Pray .. by Pam Galloİ
Before Time .. by Vance Ageeİ His Name .. by Pam Galloİ 
Daddy Let's Pray .. by Jene' Lindİ  Shades Of Autumn .. by Violet Aptedİ  
Communion .. by B J Cassadyİ  Spirit Glory .. by Carol Dee Meeksİ   
Gabriel's Trumpet ..  by Jene' Lindİ     The Lonely Cross .. by B J Cassadyİ 
His Temple .. by Carol Dee Meeksİ     God's Law .. by Marian Jonesİ    
Perfection .. by B J Cassadyİ  Mankind's Awakening .. by Carol Dee Meeksİ 


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